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For most people, eye examinations should be scheduled every two years.  Not only do eye examinations determine any need for spectacles, but they also determine the health of your eyes.  Many changes to eye health occur gradually, and often go unnoticed or without symptoms.  If left untreated, diseases such as glaucoma, diabetes, cataract and macular degeneration may lead to serious sight loss, or even blindness. If you wear contact lenses or are diabetic, your optometrist may recommend that you return for an eye health review every twelve months.


Eye examinations last approximately 30 minutes, and are completely painless. To assess both your vision and the health of your eyes, your optometrist will perform examinations in the following areas:

  • measure your ability to see both near and at a distance without visual aids via tests such as reading an eye chart
  • examine your eye's reactions to colour, light and movement
  • assess your binocular vision
  • eye muscle control
  • detect, monitor and control any eye diseases by testing the pressure of your eye, as well as assessing the retina, blood vessels and top of the optic nerve
  • look for ocular signs of general health problems
  • glaucoma testing
  • macular degeneration
  • cataract assessment
  • contact lens fitting (if required)
  • clearness of vision
  • other tests required for individual patients
  • retinal photography